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What’s Next?  Senior Adventures in Learning and Travel (SALT)!

N2N is pleased to welcome Kelli Barker and Carol Osborne, PhD, as volunteer directors of our new lifelong learning program.  Designed to counter the feelings of isolation and stagnation brought on by COVID-19, SALT will offer webinar based video classes, clubs, and virtual excursions this fall. 

What can you expect?

  • Professional instructors from local experts to world renowned PhDs
  • A friendly and welcoming group
  • Over 150 course offerings for you to join with a wide range of topics
  • Zoom-based interface
  • Supportive, timely, and helpful customer service
  • Ongoing clubs
  • Virtual excursions across the world

SALT will spice up your life! Check out our course catalog below. 

If you are interested in signing up for courses, simply follow the instructions below.

Here’s How You Sign Up:

1.  Purchase your “SALT Membership” by clicking on the “SALT Member button above or clicking the “Menu” button on the right side and click “Fall 2020 SALT Membership”

2.  Then, click our “Courses” button above or click “Menu” on the right side and click “Courses”

3.  Search for your Courses, add them to your cart, and then checkout


See our Course Catalog here!

Catalog F20

If you don’t prefer the convenience of online shopping, check out our Registration form below

See our Mail In Registration Form Here!
Registration form

Official SALT Launch

Myrtle Beach, SC Has COVID-19 kept you homebound? Are you craving more intellectual stimulation and social interaction than cable TV can provide? Are you eager to see new sights, learn new crafts, or perhaps just take a break from the nightly news? Or maybe you would...

Launch of New Program: What’s Next? Senior Adventures in Learning and Travel (SALT)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC - Neighbor to Neighbor will be expanding its services: in addition to providing transportation to those in need, the local non-profit is launching a lifelong learning program in September. Joe Kunkel, Executive Director, has recruited Carol Osborne...

$25 Membership

Affordable, convenient classes on a wide variety of topics of interest to adults of all ages

Become part of a community of active learners who relish opportunities to grow

Cloud-based learning with the click of a button

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What's Next?  Senior Adventures in Learning and Travel

What's Next? Senior Adventures in Learning and Travel


Phone: 843-424-7339 and 843-424-7518
Spring 2021 Instructor Sign-Up
Registration and Costs

Registration for the fall will begin on September 4th. The fall registration/membership fee will be $25/per person for those registering online, $30 for those registering by phone or mail. Some classes and clubs will be free, clubs will be $5-$10, and courses will be priced around $5 per instructional hour. Courses will have a variety of start dates and last from 1-10 weeks.

All classes, clubs, and excursions will be offered virtually using RingCentral, which is used to host Zoom.  So if you have used Zoom, you’ll be able to use our system.

I need to practice logging in

SALT uses RingCentral which is part of Zoom.
Zoom offers a ton of online help that you may want to explore. Here is the direct link to Zoom’s Test Meeting: https://zoom.us/test

I'm on a mobile device

For your convenience, here are the direct links for you:
Fall Membership: https://riden2n.org/product/fall-2020-salt-membership/
Courses: https://riden2n.org/shop/

Paying for classes using a check

We encourage you to sign up using the website, but if you prefer to use a paper and check method, you must print and mail a completed form to Neighbor to Neighbor.

You can download the Registration form here: Registration form

You can download the Course Catalog here:  Catalog F20

Send a check with completed form to “Neighbor to Neighbor” with a memo of “Education Support” at:

PO BOX 3030

Myrtle Beach, SC 29578

I Need Help Accessing My Webinar

Check out the YouTube playlist to help you here:

Need Additional Information?

Helping you is a top priority for SALT. Please use the form above. We are an extremely hardworking but small staff.  We will get in touch as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding.

I'm an Instructor. When will I receive my RingCentral information?

You will receive an email directly from SALT prior to your class start date.