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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to use Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N)?

Homebound and ambulatory people 60 and older and homebound and ambulatory individuals with disabilities 21 and older are eligible for N2N’s transportation service.  Veteran eligiblity begins at 18. Note: Neighbor to Neighbor cannot accommodate wheelchairs. Other assistance equipment such as walkers and canes are acceptable but must be known before giving a ride.

For what types of rides can I use Neighbor to Neighbor?

Passengers may utilize N2N for non-emergency medical appointments, grocery shopping, pharmacy visits, social service appointments, and other life-sustaining or life-enhancing appointments or events. N2N does not provide rides to the airport or Medicaid eligible transports.

Passengers are eligible for a maximum of 8 rides per month for dialysis, rehabilitation, and other pre-confirmed treatments. Please remember, if N2N cannot find you a ride, you will be notified 24 hrs. beforehand so other arrangements can be made.

How much is a ride from Neighbor to Neighbor?
There is no charge for rides, but donations are strongly encouraged to keep our services available in our communities. Without your support, N2N cannot continue to provide transportation in our communities.
If I call and schedule a ride, is my ride guaranteed?

No. Ride requests are never guaranteed as we are volunteer based. However, N2N has provided over 58,000 successful transports. If we find you a volunteer, we have a 98% chance your ride will be fulfilled. If a volunteer has an emergency and cannot fulfill their trip, our office will contact you immediately to help you find a ride.

May I donate to N2N to help ensure N2N will continue in our communities?

Absolutely! Please click our Donate button or call (843) 839-0702 for more information.

When are rides available?

N2N provides rides daily, depending on the availability of volunteer drivers. Please note the office is closed on weekends, on all major holidays and the ride request schedule is adjusted accordingly.

How far will Neighbor to Neighbor go for a ride?

As far as a volunteer is willing to go.  N2N primarily provides local transports from Little River in Horry County down to Georgetown in Georgetown County.  With new service in Brunswick County, North Carolina, rides are taken on a case-by-case basis.  We will work with you to help accommodate your ride as best we can. Please allow us more time to plan for trips over 35 miles. Please schedule longer distance and rush hour rides as early as possible as there are fewer drivers for these rides.

What information is needed before using N2N?
Passengers must complete a Passenger Registration / Passenger Waiver form. Once approved, you will be contacted by a staff person from N2N.
When can I schedule my first ride?
Passengers can schedule their first ride once they receive a phone call informing them their submitted paperwork has been completed and accounts have been established.
What if I need to cancel a scheduled trip?
Call the N2N office immediately at (843) 839-0702. N2N’s office needs to know so we can tell your scheduled driver as soon as possible that the trip is canceled.
Can a spouse, friend, or caregiver accompany me?
Yes. You must indicate this in your application so we can link you up with a volunteer appropriately.

Note: A Passenger Waiver form for each additional passenger must be on file in the office before the ride can be scheduled.

N2N cannot transport anyone under 18 yrs. of age.

Where will I be picked up and dropped off?
Passengers are transported door to door by volunteer drivers in their personal vehicles. For liability reasons, drivers may not accompany passengers into their homes or into homes passengers are visiting.
How do I schedule a ride?

Passengers must contact Neighbor to Neighbor by phone at (843) 839-0702 at least three (3) full business days in advance to schedule trip(s). For example, if you need a ride on Friday, you must call Monday before 4:00 p.m. to schedule. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Messages left on the answering machine after 4:00 p.m. and on the weekend are returned the next business day.

Passengers must provide:

  • the pick­up time
  • appointment time
  • number of passengers
  • destination address with zip code
  • telephone number
  • estimated return trip time

Medical appointments require, in this order:

  • the group practice name
  • the doctor's name
  • complete address
  • phone number
  • appointment time


What if I am running late or want to make an unscheduled stop?

Drivers are not permitted to make unscheduled stops. One additional stop of less than one hour between the pick-up and destination can be scheduled at the time the ride is requested. Drivers are required to report all stops and rides to N2N’s office beforehand. Drivers may be scheduled for multiple rides, so it is important that passengers meet them at the prearranged time and place for pick-up and return. Medical appointments vary in length; try to estimate for the longest possible visit time. If you anticipate a stop, for example, to get a prescription after a medical visit, please let staff at Neighbor to Neighbor know before we assign your trip.

What happens if no driver is found?

While every effort is made to find a volunteer driver, there is no guarantee that each ride will be filled.  N2N staff will contact additional local sources as available too.  Passengers will be called 24 hrs. before the ride request if a driver has not been found.

Excessive Cancellation / No Show Policy:
Repeated cancellations or no shows inconvenience our drivers, and impact our ability to serve our passengers. Repeated cancellations or no shows may result in a suspension or termination of service.
What if I only need a one-way ride?
N2N accommodates one-way ride requests.
How are volunteer drivers chosen?
Each driver has attended orientation, passed a criminal background check, a driving record check and a personal reference check.
What is N2N’s inclement weather policy?

To ensure the safety of our drivers and passengers, N2N, the driver, and/or the passenger may cancel a ride by calling the office. If the driver is willing to drive in questionable weather, N2N will contact the client to confirm that the client still wants the ride.  If possible, the N2N office will remain open to handle notification of cancellations.  Traditionally, N2N follows the protocols of the local school systems regarding inclement weather.

How will I be able to identify my N2N driver?
Look for the N2N sign on the dashboard of the vehicle and the volunteer's name badge.
Other Policies:
  • Smoking and eating during a ride are prohibited.
  • It is against N2N policy for our volunteers to accept tips. Please use donation envelopes provided by the driver.
  • Passengers are expected to pay for tolls and parking on the day of ride.
How can I comment on my experience with N2N?
Survey post cards are mailed to passengers after their first ride and every six months thereafter. We appreciate your comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

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