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Volunteer Spotlight: Bonnie


Bonnie joined N2N less than a year ago, and she immediately connected with N2N’s mission.  Coming from Poughkeepsie, New York where she worked at IBM as a secretary and Equal Opportunity Specialist.  While working at IBM, Bonnie completed one of her greatest professional accomplishments by earning her BS degree in business administration.  IBM is also where Bonnie met her husband, Tom.  “I have never known someone to be so happy with life, “Bonnie says about Tom.

Her motivation and desire to volunteer with Neighbor to Neighbor comes from her personal experience with her father and husband. Her father lost his eyesight at the age of 54. Bonnie was able to gain experience in working with people who may have vision impairments. Her husband Tom passed away in 2018 after a seven year struggle with a form of Parkinson’s called Multiple Systems Atrophy. Rather than become closed off, as Bonnie was his primary caregiver, she decided to search for something to do with her time. She has firsthand experience in knowing the importance of transportation access for those who are no longer able to drive themselves.

Bonnie will tell you she has gained so much from her experiences so far with N2N. She has made several friends with the riders she takes on regular bases. She enjoys talking with them, finding out their stories and what they are interested in. Bonnie drives for N2N in honor of her husband and finds great reward in doing what she calls, “a simple act for others.” She is thankful for the ability to be able help others, and the difference she is able to make in their lives, because they make a huge difference in hers.