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The Bathroom is Spotless?the House Burned Down Th, 2-3 p.m., 11/5


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All too many times, we will place the greatest emphasis on cleaning the guest bathroom when expecting company. When was the last time you placed that much emphasis on the fire safety issues in your home? This session will give an in-depth review of Midway Fire Rescue?s ?Home Fire Safety Inspection Program,? teaching you the skills to ensure your home will be a safe as your bathroom is clean. In 2018, according to the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments responded to over 363,000 fires in single and multi-family homes across the Nation, equating to a fire in the home every 87 seconds. These same fires caused 2,720 civilian fire deaths, and 12,700 civilian fire injuries. In the same year, 64 firefighters lost their lives, and 58,250 more were injured battling these fires. Unfortunately, 77% of the civilian fire deaths, and 72% of the civilian fire injuries occurred in these individuals? home; a majority of these fires were caused by accidental means. The instructor will pass-on proven strategies on how to safeguard your home from these leading causes of fire, and the steps required to eliminate the hazards. Each participant will be provided with a ?Home Fire Inspection Template? which supports the instruction, and an in-depth guideline on how to perform a Fire Safety Inspection in their own home. Additional fire safety topics will also be covered, including maintaining your home smoke alarm, developing a home escape plan, fire safe cooking tips, and how to operate your home fire extinguisher. This is a life-saving session you cannot afford to miss.