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Has COVID-19 kept you homebound?

Are you craving more intellectual stimulation and social interaction than cable TV can provide?

Are you eager to see new sights, learn new crafts, or perhaps just take a break from the nightly news? Or maybe you would rather contextualize those news stories by exploring relevant topics in history, science, literature and current events? Maybe you even need a course in determining what you can really believe in the news?

Well, we have it all this fall at What’s Next? Senior Adventures in Learning and Travel (SALT)!  Visit our launch site here:  https://riden2n.org/welcome-to-salt/

For a membership fee of $25 (for those who register online), you will have access to 22 free classes or events. Then for $5/hour, you can elect to take more than 100 other classes in a wide variety of subjects.

Chat with folks in England, Turkey, and Scotland; learn to make wooden bowls, felted soap, jewelry, visual journals, or art in various media. Practice your Italian or Spanish; explore your dreams; or exercise daily. Trace your ancestors, write a memoir, or plan your retirement. Improve your nutrition and your health, make your home safe, or learn tips for caring for others, engaging in difficult conversations, going through life’s transitions, or decluttering your home. Join Jo Ann Tufo as she walks you through our fascinating history from Benjamin Franklin, Grace Kelly and Woodstock to Doo Wop, Beach Boys, and Beatlemania. Discuss current events with Samih Baalbaki, or meet the mayors, or learn about the opportunities to volunteer across the Grand Strand.

Did we mention the fun? And the chance to meet lots of interesting people all from the safety of your home? You don’t want to miss this opportunity to spice up your life with SALT.

Information on how to register complete with videos will be available on our website Monday.  Be sure to check out https://riden2n.org to keep up with the latest news.